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Frequently asked questions

How to enter location?
How to record new family member?

How to enter location?

Location is recorded starting with the most detailed one, separated by commas. Language used from the location's country.


There are 5 levels of location description used in the site:

  1. House number (i.e., "6/4")
  2. Neighbourhood (i.e., "New cemetery")
  3. City (i.e., "London")
  4. State (i.e., "Texas")
  5. Country (i.e., "Lithuania")

For example, full location description could look like: "7, Main street, Smallville, Yorkshire, United Kingdom" or "Yorkshire, United Kingdom".


Autocomplete will attempt to suggest predefined locations, please use them if available.


Locations are mapped on Google Maps. It is optional to enter location coordinates, however location will not appear on map - administrator does not verify and enter coordinates each day.


List of current locations:

How to record new family member?

Preparing information.